A sharp stone or a piece of glass and that would be it…

Today when I was walking home I saw a woman in bare feet. A regular looking middle-aged woman in an attractive sundress and bare feet. Her toes were done in red nail polish.

At first I thought maybe she was in the middle of changing her shoes or adjusting her flip-flops but nope. She was making her way down Huron Street at about the same speed as me —which admittedly is not a rapid clip — but neither is it at the speed I would be walking in bare feet on pavement. The word gingerly springs to mind.

I’ve heard of the barefoot movement but really I thought that was more about bare feet on grass, trails, beaches and stuff — you know, like in nature, not on Huron.

I have nothing against bare feet. I don’t like to wear socks when I am home and there is often nothing nicer than taking off a pair of shoes at the end of the day but this was just too much for me to take in. The danger alone from glass, sharp stones and gunk of all kinds makes me shudder not to mention the dirty feet issue.

She seemed pretty happy though with her feet enjoying the summer air. She was enjoying her walk as was I. Maybe walking is even more fun with your toes in the sun.

I lost her when I turned down towards Spadina and I wondered if she was going home. You can’t go into a store to do some shopping without shoes on and I’m guessing you can’t take the TTC either.


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