No meats please, this is book club

Okay, so I’ve been charged with getting our book club some media exposure.

I’m not sure about what angle to take.

For example, we used to have one (1) male member but he’s on a hiatus. If he comes back, there’s that.

Almost all of us work in the same general field. That might be interesting as reporters like nothing more than talking to a bunch PR/Marketing/Ad types.

I can’t say we are all Moms because a few of our members have children. If we boot out the Moms then that might be an angle. But we like the Moms — they’re fun and book club gets them out of the house.

We actually talk about the books — I have no idea if that’s unusual or not.

We all get along so there’s no real book club drama.

Let’s see, I guess we need to do something to make us interesting.

  1. We could become a vegetarian book club and no meats could be served at our meetings.
  2. We could start reading only foreign-language books but only a few of us could remain members.
  3. We could become a nudist book club.
  4. We could elect to read only graphic novels.
  5. We could start having meetings in strange places like under bridges or in abandoned buildings.
  6. Maybe —given the fact that we’re all creative sorts — we could just make something up to tantalize the media. Not that I’d condone that but I’m at a loss.

    I’m open to ideas, people.


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