I will unleash the PR!

It’s hot in the condo. The brand new heat/cool pump is a piece of junk. The repair guys came, fiddled and said they had to bring it to the shop. They got it working (a term I use loosely in this situation) temporarily (it was humming) but it was not cooling. It’s working so poorly I think the whirring motor is actually heating the place.

So today they put a new one in — at least they said they did. It is still hot in here.

Thank goodness this has been a cool summer. But still, this sucks.

Quite a few things suck actually in the condo (elevator noise is another huge problem) and I have been polite but firm in raising the issues with the developer.

And so far the developer has not replied to two letters sent by registered mail. Two letters in over two months — that’s obscene.

Now I’m going to wait a bit more (maybe until after our summer holidays and maybe after I consult with our lawyer) then I’m going to unleash a campaign like only a very disgruntled PR person can. I have the skills.

The balcony in this excuse for a luxury condo faces King Street. And it is in full view of perhaps one of the busiest intersections in Toronto. I know how to order banners — I do stuff like that for a living.

There will be a banner on my balcony expressing my extreme displeasure with the developer in question.

Plus there will be an online campaign. I can do that, too.

Maybe nothing will happen but it will make me feel better. But I have a feeling a 10″ x 6″ banner will get some attention.


  1. As much as I empathize with your uncomfortable surroundings, part of me is looking forward to following your future campaign of “whoop-ass”. Good luck!

  2. Now don’t forget you have a PR commitment in the queue already – I am waiting for the banner to promote out book club!

  3. Trapper: We have to wait until I consult with the lawyer. No ass whooping until I have the go-ahead. I will play nice for now….

    Judy: I have still not written the communications plan. I am stuck at the “R” in the RACE formula.

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