End Times at my dentist

Today in the dentist’s office, I picked up a magazine I have never heard of, the Philadelphia Trumpet. It had Barack Obama on the cover and that caught my eye.

But the Trumpet, I quickly realized is not the type of magazine that’s going to have a balanced article about Obama — or anything else for that matter.

The Obama article was about how his speech in Cairo predicted bible prophecy. Another feature article highlighted just how evolution is a not a proven scientific theory.

I have no idea what it was doing my dentist’s office but it wasn’t dropped off by a roaming evangelist — it was s was definitely addressed to his office.

But I quite sure he didn’t subscribe — my dentist is not a fundamentalist Christian. The Trumpet is free and I imagine they send issues to dentists all across North America.

Hell, they’ll sign me up too if I ask. I just may just to keep on top of what far too many (mostly American) people believe with all their hearts.

Plus, I want to get ready for the End Times.

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