Next time it will be Vegeta Tilapia

Today I purchased parsley.

I was attempting to purchase dill.

The herbs were marked: coriander, parsley and dill — and I figured dill was in the last bin under the word dill.

But no. There was only a little bit of dill and it was hidden beside (and somewhat underneath) the overflowing amounts of parsley on display.

So I got home with the “dill” and was advised that it was, in fact, parsley.

“This is parsley. Dill is kinda hairy.”

“”Are you sure? It was in the dill bin.”

“Smell it.”
(It smelled nice.)

“I don’t know what dill smells like.”
(Nor do I know what it looks like.)

“Like pickles.”

The conversation continued along these lines until it was established that dill is not an ingredient in Macedonian cooking and I was just not familiar with many herbs beyond the dried — and labelled — ones in little jars.

(I also got quite mad at myself for buying the wrong ingredient but that was just the brain chemistry talking.)

The only herb I know anything about — and have used in any capacity —is Vegeta.

Tonight’s dish. Baked Tilapia with Dill Sauce (along with steamed carrots) was a smashing success.

But what am I going to do with lots of parsley? Can you use it in a salad?


  1. 1) I don’t get Gourmet Garden it. Is the Gourmet Garden stuff a paste in a tube? We do use frozen herbs sometimes but I don’t know this product. Will look into.

    2)Yes I like Tabouli! How long will the parsley keep in the crisper?

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