Calm the hell down

Nicotine may help calm people by altering the activity of brain areas involved in the inhibition of negative emotions such as anger, a new study suggests.

No kidding.

Same study. And more to the point.

Anger management classes may help smokers to quit, a new study has indicated.

Some advice I found online:

Anger and irritability increase in the first week after quitting smoking. It is common to feel edgy and be less able to control your temper. Take a walk or participate in other exercise to blow off steam. Give yourself soothing times to relax in a hot bath.

I’ve bathed so much my tattoo has faded.

When necessary just find a quite place to be alone and let it all out. Cry, scream and stomp your feet to let the tension out. You’ll feel better and be surprised at how short-lived those feelings are.

Maybe for some people. I am still very annoyed — all of the time — even after I stomp my feet and scream.

If you happen to accidentally let your anger spill out to family or associates, apologize for your actions and get on with your life. Understand that these feelings will not last forever.

And how long will they last? It’s been eight days and I’ve been accidentally spilling all over the damn place. I am angry that I can’t get myself to calm the hell down.


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