FAF Christine

Commensal is a vegetarian restaurant. Not someplace you would find the old Christine.

But new fabulous after 40 (FAF) Christine ate there today.

And FAF Christine (that’s me, I’ll stop with this annoying third-person stuff) really enjoyed the food. I must get back there soon because I got so caught up in the salad area that I had no room on my plate for the hot things.

After dinner she (oh, I mean I) did not enjoy a cigarette.

This is getting odd:

I’m walking everyday. I barely eat red meat. I’m cooking (healthy) things for us at home. And I don’t smoke. (I want to but I don’t.)

Does this mean we all better get Rapture Ready?


  1. Thank you, Trapper. I’m still working on the FAF plan. I feel the same though…I don’t feel fabulous yet.

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