My brief flirtation with the popular crowd

Grade 9 was the start of my flirtation with the popular crowd.

Somehow, I managed to wrangle my way into this clique of popular girls. Thinking back, they may have been the B-list — and not the girls from the grade nine stratosphere of cool — but they were very popular nonetheless and I was one of them. We smoked cigarettes and wore Jordache jeans — we were it.

Funny thing is, I ran into one of the girls (women!) last month on the way to work. She recognized me … I must admit I did not recognize her at first. (Christine Elias? Is that you?)

Too bad it was so early in the morning. I am not a morning person and I fear I was not very friendly. If it were not 8 am — we could have had a nice chat. I am hoping we see each other again so I can be warmer. Turns out she works in business … she was dressed for an office. I was dressed for work too but I did not look like I was heading for an office. It was casual Friday and I can take that literally.

All we managed to say is where we worked. I think she was a bit surprised I had a job job given my attire that day. She perked up a bit when I threw her my title. She looked quite grown up in a very smart suit. I wonder if she still runs with those girls. I wonder if they all work in offices, too.

I wonder what became of them. I don’t stay up at night and wonder or anything … not to worry. I am not one of those who peaked in high school and don’t spend time dwelling on the best years of my life — they weren’t. I enjoyed my high school years, but university was a lot more fun. And grown up life is even more fun given disposable income and the abundance of shoe stores in my neighbourhood. (More on this later. I also ran into someone a few years ago who did peak in high school. And that was an experience I will share in an upcoming missive.)

Anyway, I ran with that cool crowd until grade 11 or so. I am not sure if I was booted out in some “Mean Girls” brouhaha or if I just switched groups. I guess I would remember if it were traumatic … so I don’t think it was.


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