the beat was going strong, playing my favorite song

In grade eight, a bunch of us walked over to the record store to buy the 45 of I Love Rock and Roll. I am pretty sure it was a 45 … I did not have a lot of cash at 13, so my record-buying dollars went to 45s mostly. Other dollars were spent on candy and crack.

I remember hearing the song on the radio and all my friends wanted our own copy. We needed it. We walked halfway across Scarborough to buy it. (Yes, Scarborough. Midland Avenue Collegiate, in fact, was in the heart of that borough of my teen years.)

My three readers will recall that I now have an ipod and I am constantly annoyed by the fact that I can’t download any songs I like. (I know I am old and all the songs I like are older than the people I see everyday at work. I don’t care.) Well, today my ipod brims with Joan Jett and the Blackhearts. Little Drummer Boy is playing as I type (and I am going much faster than usual with nary a typo.)


Speaking of typing, whenever I think about my typing … I think about a funny thing my friend K. said when I was diagnosed with carpel tunnel syndrome. I was rationalizing that I actually don’t type that much and that it could not be from typing. Well, K. agreed I don’t type a lot or fast for that matter. But I do type “like a crazy person”. She said, bring your keyboard to the doctor and type for them … that’ll explain it!


  1. Yeah, I know. I never learned how to type properly and then I got a job writing things. Go figure! Few people know this (unless you have worked with me) but now the world (or at least my three readers) know my issue with touch typing.

  2. You know, I don’t think it is out of style now at all. All the fashion magazines say the 80s are totally back! I was looking for a link but I don’t need one. Trust me, 80s fashion and hair is like totally back. Like totally. I see it everyday … the young people are wearing legwarmers, big earrings and jelly bracelets. The only thing I have not seen yet is a “Choose Life” T-shirt. And that’s ok.

    If you must be linked to something; this will give you the scoop.

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