a cold is nothing

Cold f-x

I almost never get sick … I pride myself on working through pain. Tooth infection? Nothing! Some pain killers and antibiotics and off I go to work. Ear infection? Nasty painful thing … but some more pain killers and antibiotics and off I go to work.

But today I felt just terrible. The nasty cold that has been brewing finally got me.

I had to leave work early today because I felt so stuffy and bad that I could not string a sentence together. I hate that. I don’t get sick! I just don’t. I am healthy and strong. I am a rock.

I grew up in house that did not allow for much illness or whining.

You think you’re sick? You don’t know sick. You just have a cold. A cold is nothing.
You will get better. Have some soup, take a Tylenol. At least you can walk…

Oh, the guilt. Okay, I am being a bit melodramatic. But I grew up with a very ill mother and sick was not an option. I had to help run the household and take care of things. A cold was not a big deal. A big illness would have been okay. My Mom was not uncaring but she did not have time for a cold slowing anyone down. A cold was nothing. But I never had a big illness. Just small annoying ones.

So, I went home early. I had a little a nap. I also had:

  • 3 cups of echineachea tea (yuck)
  • 6 COLD-fX® capsules (3 more to go before bed)
  • vitamin C
  • Advil Cold tablets

I feel a bit drugged up now but don’t feel as bad as I did. It is a cold. A cold is nothing. I am a rock.
I think I need to have another nap. And some soup.

Mind you, I am a bit worried about all this stuff I am taking. This COLD-fX® business is especially strange. It’s just ginseng so it’s not gonna hurt me … but will it help? I have a feeling it will.


  1. I’m sure you could think of something to warm you up – make you think of a warm summer day in the south of France.

  2. Ha-choo……
    I am not sure what’s in a hot toddy.
    And the south of France sounds just delightful.

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