such a chameleon

I’m such a chameleon. I never get bored.
Natalie Imbruglia

As much as I personally identify with Ms. Imbruglia — I too am a chameleon … and there is that uncanny resemblance, no? But I must admit that I do indeed get bored. Often very bored. Tonight for example:

  • I can’t find website that I want to look at.
  • I have no books I am looking forward to starting.
    And about three on the go that I can’t be bothered to finish.
  • I have read all my magazines this month.
  • There is nothing on TV.
  • I could take a bath but the plug-y thing is broken.
  • I still have this terrible damn cold, so I could not do my evening cross-training tonight.

When I was a kid, being bored meant getting sent outside to play. Or worse, getting sent to clean my room. But since I am the spiritual sister of Ms. Imbruglia, I think I might just sit here in my music room and compose some new songs for my upcoming album. I have a few new interesting things I want to bang out.


  1. X-train? — Christine: sometimes sarcasm doesn’t translate well over the internet. Your three dedicated readers know that you’ve never stepped foot into a gym, but if someone were to accidentally stumble onto your site, they would have a very incorrect impression of you.

  2. Okaaaay. So how do you explain my Natalie Imbrugliaesque figure then? Huh? How? So there. Excuse me, I am off to do a quick 5k before dinner.

  3. Indeed, alee. We did often do our 10K runs together. But you are slower than I am, so that’s why I have not been calling you lately for our jogs around the big pond. I find I enjoy running more with those who can keep up with my super fast pace. Sorry pal. Maybe we can do some bowling. But since I pulled my pidoquadial muscle, I must slow down anyway … so how about a nice easy 3K this Tuesday? I

  4. Oh, those “cranky? friends that don’t believe you could do a little “run” before supper!

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