is it just me?

Cozy bathrooms and not spa-like retreats. You’ll see, it will be a new trend in 2006.

bath mats

bath covers

I fear toilet seat covers are no longer in style. The bathrooms in other people’s houses lack this fuzzy accessory. This always surprises me.

Now, I do consider myself a bit of a home decor aficionado and I avoid the tacky at all costs. But you know, some so-called friends have dared to suggest that such covers are for older suburban ladies. Ladies who also would have little knitted dolls covering up an extra roll of paper.

Is it just me? I mean who wants to see a naked piece of plastic when you could have a fuzzy cover of delight — not to mention a cozy warm place to rest your feet….so a contour mat is also a must!


  1. I take the cozy warm place to rest your feet with me where ever I go … they’re called slippers!! BTW – does your toaster wear a hat too?

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