my boots

Ariat® ostrich print Gem Baby boots

Step into the limelight!

  • Exotic look ostrich print leather
  • Rhinestones & stud accents add shimmer
  • Supple suede shafts with coordinating color floral stitching
  • Ariat® 4LR Technologyâ„¢ provides all-day comfort & support

Yes, in this exact style and colour. With the sparkles and shiny bits. I have worn them only once and not in my home city. I am tempted to wear them to work next week because I love them so. One of the reasons I like my job is because I could wear these boots to the office. I like to think I am in a creative profession. PR is creative. It is too.

PS … the menu is way down at the bottom of the page. Something happened to the CSS and I am too tired (plus math is hard) to figure out why…assuming I even can. I learned web things in the days of Mosaic and things have changed a bit. Plus this is a hobby so bear with me. I will get to the bottom of it (pun intended) but not today. So scroll down to navigate. Not a big whoop. Just for a little while. If all else fails, I have a friend who sometimes comments on my blog that may be able to help if I ask very nicely. I would buy this friend a very nice cup of coffee too if said help was forthcoming. Maybe even a muffin. I’m generous and stylish. But not very tall.

Update: the menu issue is now fixed. I had some bad code in a post. WordPress support has some very kind people willing to help the code-phobic.


  1. I have no idea what 4LR tech is. I pulled it off the Ariat® website. Probably made up. They just feel like rubber soles to me but they are comfortable. I bet they have them in your size too….so many syles!
    I love these ones too! Too bad I don’t live somewhere where these are actually in fashion! I was happy in the 80s urban cowboy/girl fashion period.

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