to wit

I don’t have anything to write about. Nothing witty or fun anyway.

To wit: (who says this, anyway?)

  1. I have laryngitis and I feel unwell. I can barely squeak out a word (much to the amusement of those who spend time with me during the day) and I feel like it is not getting better anytime soon.
  2. I have been very busy at work and have a bit of nervousness about a big project coming to fruition. I enjoy worrying in advance about big projects (and everything else) as there won’t be anything to worry about when it’s over so I figure I better get it in now.
  3. I got a paper cut today.
  4. I am bored with my all my clothes.

On the bright side:

  1. I know the laryngitis get better. (But I still hate not being able to chat at will.)
  2. My project is almost done and it really will be great.
  3. Time wounds all heels.
  4. I can always go shopping. In fact, I must.


  1. I am still working up the nerves to wear the boots. They really are very vibrant! And I can’t wait to stop squeaking.

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