More questions from that questions book…

What one person most affected the choices you made in your career?

  • My dear friend and mentor P. I have benefited from his patient wisdom for many years. I’m not a twenty-something-new-to-the-world-of-work anymore, but I once was and he was there. And he’s still there. I am very grateful we met.

What is the largest decrease in wages you’d accept to have a job you enjoy more?

  • Zero. I enjoy my job and I would not leave for another job for less money. I can’t imagine loving a job so much I’d be willing to forego new shoes and vacations. I also wouldn’t take a job I liked less for more money — well, it would have to be a whole lot more money and I would have to like at least a little. I could make up for the pain with many more new boots and trips to New York ever weekend.

What aspect of you job are you weakest in?

  • Photocopying. I hate that stupid machine. The Aficio® doesn’t like me either. I’ve tried to kiss and make up but no luck.
  • I also hate doing anything manual feed in the printer, especially labels.
  • Writing complex things very quickly. I can do complicated and I can do quick, but not both at the same time. Good thing I’m not a technical writer on a tight deadline.
  • Saying no to helping people, even if I’m very busy.
  • Patiently explaining how to use software — I’d rather just snatch the mouse away and do it myself. I resist this impulse because I do want to help (see above) but I’m not Mother Teresa, so sometimes I think my impatience shows.

There is no question asking what part of your job are you strongest in. So I’ll save that one for the job interview — the one for the job that pays way more and I only like a little bit less. You know, the one on the island (not Newfoundland).

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