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Tonight a bunch of my friends went out to Noce. It’s Winterlicious time again here in Toronto.

Actually, it’s Wintercoldfingnightmaregfromhell here now but somehow we all managed to get to the restaurant. Getting in however was not so easy — the door might as well have been beside the loading dock.

Tonight’s Hot Topic: Identity Theft

It’s vitally important to shred all documents before they leave your house. This is done at my home but I think I may have one of the few hand-cranked shredding devices in existence. (Well, me and everyone else who attended that conference where this delightfully handy gizmo was a giveaway).

a shredder

Here I am shredding a particular document that actually has nothing to do with me. It got misdirected. As a matter of fact, I just learned (in the course of preparing today’s post) Christina Elias (aka Zora Banks, Zora Banx, Laica Unico, Mina May, Kristina, Cristina, Christina, Mina, Nina) is a porn star. Christine Elias is just a hot little potato.

  • We also chatted about bookclub and I admitted to K. that I exaggerated a bit about how much I was looking forward to Suite Française. I’m looking only a little bit forward to it…but book club members read my blog and I don’t want to get tossed out for lack of enthusiasm. I joked today that I’ve only liked two of the books we’ve read but I highlighted the ones I enjoyed and there are more than two — more than three even.

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