Interesting, but not realistic even if money were no object?

Two more questions for a lazy Sunday evening —

What is the most interesting kind of life to lead?
I think the most interesting kind of life would involve traveling, meeting new people and seeing new things. For example, it would be very interesting indeed to sell everthing and buy one of these. It’s a SPRINTER WESTFALIA and it costs $84,650 (USD). It would be less interesting to try and figure out what two pairs of my shoes (and three pairs of pants) would be allowed to make the journey.

What is the most spontaneous you have ever been?

I’m not very spontaneous. I like to plan things in advance. I like to make reservations for dinner and I like to know what I have planned for the weekend — even if it’s just hanging around the house. I try to fight this tendency and be more easygoing but I’m a creature of habit.

(But it’s possible to tour with an itinerary so there’s hope. Besides, I may get more freewheeling as I get older. Not everyone gets more set in their ways.)


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