Maybe it’s nothing and I am nuts…

So a few weeks ago I was at my doctor for a routine visit and I pointed out this puffy spot in the corner of one eye. He said it was probably because I sleep on that side (I do) and that it was “gravity”. He suggested trying to sleep on my back or my other side. Easier said than done.

My friend and super stylist S. thought it was perhaps an allergic reaction. She gave me a few suggestions that I took, but I am pretty sure it’s not allergies at this point.

I figured it would eventually go down, but it has not. That is, if it is indeed there, and not a figment of my imagination…

I say this because two of my friends at work now think I am nuts, they can’t see this spot. Well, I admit it is indeed a small spot. Quite small. Maybe so small that most people (beauty and medical personnel excluded ) can’t see it.

Maybe I should ignore it. Maybe this type of thing just happens when we get older. Maybe I am just too vain. Maybe I am just a wee bit nuts. Maybe this is the first sign that I am turning into Joan Rivers.

Or maybe — just maybe — my dermatologist has a magic cream for me. A cream that just might to more for my aging ego than for my swollen spot of unhappiness.

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