Time goes by, but I am static….

I wrote this orginally six or seven years ago. I’m updating it today.

I Like:

  • A Tim Horton’s Double Double. (Yes, still enjoy this.)
  • Road trips. (Less so, but still a yes.)
  • Shoes. (Yes, yes, yes…more than ever. And now I also love boots.)
  • Magazines in the mail. (Not so much now that I have an iPad. But still get a few.)
  • Reading the paper. (Yes, but the Star just isn’t what it used to be. I grew up reading it. Started at 7 years old. Not going to stop now. But I read another paper now, too.)
  • Sleeping in. (You know, not as much as I used to. I seem to wake up earlier (but not early) these days)
  • A Dollar store (Yes, they are even better now.)
  • Modern furniture. (Yes, still like it. Still dusting it.)
  • Santa Fe. (Yes, but have not been in a while.)
  • The Rocky Horror Picture Show soundtrack (Of course. You don’t like it?)
  • Mealoaf and meatloaf. (Um yeah!)
  • Candy. (Now and forever. Fun fact: I have never had a cavity.)
  • Good sheets. (This was less my thing and more someone else’s big thrill. You can get nice sheets at Winners that don’t cost an arm and a leg. I buy those.)
  • Dinner time. (Yes, are we having meatloaf?)
  • Beer. (Yes, please.)
  • Red wine. (Sure, another glass would be nice.)
  • Jello. (I have not had jello in years…so maybe not.)
  • TV. (People who say they don’t watch TV confuse me.)
  • Classic rock ballads. (Nothing is better when cleaning the house.)

I don’t like:

  • Anything at the crack of dawn. (Yes. Please let me sleep in a bit more.)
  • Tapioca. (Still gross.)
  • Sandals. (I have summer shoes, but I would not call them sandals exactly.)
  • My toes. (Still funny looking. But as I grow older I am learning to embrace my body.)
  • Pizza. (I have eaten some really nice pizza in the last while. But still not my favourite.)
  • Root vegetables. (I am getting better. But please no yams.)
  • That new music. (Some of it does not make me want to weep. And some I actually like. Shhhh.)

I hate:

  • Laminate flooring. (It has vastly improved but it is still not my flooring of choice.)
  • Waxing my eyebrows. (Had to stop due to a sensitivity issue.)
  • Not waxing my eyebrows. (There are other methods to keep from looking like cave woman. I employ them.)

So, I guess the more things change, eh? I do have quite a few new likes now. And few more I don’t. That’s coming soon…it will shock you all. Not.

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