Hello middle-age. I welcome you! Bring it on. I am ready…

Today I went on a two-hour walk. I was running errands and decided to do all of them on foot. Felt good after. But when I got home, I washed up and noticed something different.
I discovered (what I think is) a new wrinkle. Sometimes when I point out new wrinkles to my friend K she laughs her head off.

Me: Look at this. Is it a new wrinkle?
K: That is not a wrinkle.
Me: Look! (I make a face to highlight said new unwanted facial crease and draw nearer and into better light.)
K: Well, if you scrunch up you face like that I see something. Just don’t do that, anymore. Silly.
Me: Okay. (Then I go home and do just that face in mirror just to check on its progress.)

They say after 40 you can choose your ass or your face. I have been choosing my face, letting my ass take care of itself. But now I am thinking we can indeed choose our bodies. Our faces are pretty much genetics. I have good face genes; am lucky I guess. And in jeans, my bum looks fine but could be a bit less ample.

I also wore my chilled face mask again today. It helps with the under eye puffiness I never used to have until very recently. (My doctor told me it’s gravity and I should try to change my sleeping position; easier said than done, I might add.)

Hello middle-age. I welcome you! Bring it on. I am ready.

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