Kimchi for me

I grab my lunch from the Korean place near my work pretty much everyday.

It’s pretty dingy — a typical student dining establishment — but the food is fantastic and the service is warm and friendly.

Today I had kimchi, miso soup and gyoza dumplings.

Yesterday I had the same thing minus the kimchi. The day before that I had noodle soup with egg and kimchi.

The restaurant opened up last year after two very nice ladies took over the previous place — also called the Varsity Deli as they kept the ancient signage.

At first it didn’t get much traffic but that’s changed as now it is often packed with students and not a few construction workers.

It makes me really happy to see these two new Canadian entrepreneurs doing so well.

I don’t know them but I am proud of their accomplishment.

And I love that kimchi more than anything else.

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