This ain’t no Brafasco

Today I spent 25 minutes in Canadian Tire trying to locate those 3M removable hooks.

They were not on the section called Hooks & Fasteners. Finally I found a young man in Pet Food who told me that they were not in the hook section since they were for residential use. They were near the wallpaper and paint end of the store.

As if the hooks in the other section were for industrial use.

This was Canadian Tire not Brafasco. And the guys looking at hooks in the other section looked like accountants and dentists — not workmen getting supplies. They had soft hands.

I hate large hardware stores. I hate trying to figure out where things are located.

And stupid signage doesn’t help either.

You know who does layout well? Ikea! You can’t help but find what you want there — and about 18 things you didn’t know you wanted but feel compelled to buy anyway.

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