I’ve been on a bit of a health kick.

I figured that I’m about halfway thought my life — if I am lucky — and I didn’t want to spend what time I’ve got left wheezing and unable to get out of my recliner.

Actually, I never did wheeze (I do have a recliner but I don’t spend all my time lounging around) and I always felt pretty well but I was worried I could turn the corner at any moment. I have been lucky.

There was also my doctor telling me that my acid reflux would get better if I lost weight.

So now I’m walking over an hour every day — to and from work. I’m also eating a ton of fruits and vegetables and generally trying to cook healthy yet tasty meals.


I’m thinner sure but I feel exactly the same. I still have acid reflux and I still don’t leap out of bed filled with energy. My knees still hurt if I run up or down the stairs and I think I have a cavity.

So I’m gonna stop this baloney now. It’s not working.

It’s a scam, man.

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