Is it finished?

A few people have come over to see the new place. It’s still a work in progress — all new builds are — but it is substantially complete. The things that need fixing are all pretty minor. For example, the kitchen cabinets have doors and there are door knobs in all the right places.

Of course, all the walls are in as well. But that would’ve come as a surprise almost everyone who has popped over. Young or old everyone (except a few design minded friends) is convinced our new place is still under construction.

For example, the most common question about our wall is: Is that finished? Other questions have included:

  • Are you going to paint it?
  • Is it supposed to look like that?
  • Are they going to drywall it?

No, we are not going to paint it. Yes, it really is supposed to look like that. And no drywall is coming.

That’s it. It’s done. Really.

The 20 foot tall raw-concrete wall that runs the entire length of the condo is a design feature.

The stairs are the second most perplexing thing. And yes, they are supposed to look like they could double as a fire escape.


  1. I love the exposed walls and the industrial feel to your new home Christine. It adds texture to an open space! Can’t wait to see when it’s furnished…

  2. Sharon: you are one of the design-minded friends I mentioned. We like it too but I realize it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

    The sofa comes this week!

  3. The coffee table has not generated any confusion — it falls within most people’s comfort zones.

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