In flagrante delicto — brilliant!

Hands off my All!

You have to hear this, it’s brilliant. Passive-aggressive perhaps, but brilliant nonetheless.

Someone I know (a real someone) lives in a place where the laundry facilities are shared. It’s not a big place — think a multi-family house.

One of this certain someone’s (CS for short) neighbours had taken to using her laundry soap. Not just sometimes, but all the time. The neighbour even put CS’s full container on her shelf and moved her (ever) empty container to you-can-guess-where.

The gall, right?

But CS’s response was so perfect that I had to share it.

She put a note inside her full bottle of soap that said: “Stop using other people’s laundry soap — it makes you an asshole.”

A note outside of the jug would’ve accused everyone in the laundry room of ill doing. But this way, only the culprit would see the note in flagrante delicto.


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