Me, a conservative? Har-de-har!

Today at work, I was told that I can be quite conservative in my public relations decisions. But that this was a fine thing, since it’s good to have a variety of opinions around the issues we deal with.

Makes sense, after all, a lot of PR is about making judgement calls. And boy, do I ever like to be judgmental — har-de-har.

Upon reflection, I guess I have rarely met a rule that I don’t like or a process that I don’t love to follow. But I have been known to shake it up — I’ll check my notes for some examples and report back.

I have also been called conservative by friends and loved ones. No, not the kind that votes for Harper or doesn’t believe in premarital sex. (I certainly did not and I do.)

The other kind.

The kind that’s hard to put your finger on. I have been sitting here trying to figure out what to call my brand of conservatism — your suggestions are welcome.

So far all I’ve got is the fact that I am the child of first-generation immigrants — something rooted back in the old country is embedded in my being. Something traditional lurks beneath my hip self.

Dunno. Still trying to figure it out.


  1. I think you have hit on something here. It does have something to do with being a child of immigrants, or being an immigrant. I, too, am branded with that title sometimes….and it is far from being true; however, I think our take on things can sometimes be different and our colleagues/friends see it as conservative. I think it has to do with having felt like an outsider as a child, and being shaped by parents who came from a very different place.So as much as we despise Harper and love pre-marital sex, we can appear a tad old fashioned and somewhat cautious to our peers.

  2. Asiya, what you are saying resonates with me. It’s really interesting stuff –culture/identity/values/…I am a Canadian (and delightfully so) but not a Canadian-Canadian — I think you and I have talked about this. Fascinating.

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