Hola Felipe!

Today at work Felipe came up during our coffee break. (I don’t exactly recall how he came up but a request was made to put Jorge and Felipe on my blog. Jorge will be featured in an upcoming post as he’s camera shy — unlike Felipe who lives for glamour shots).

Who is Felipe?
Felipe is a delightful piece of raku pottery and he usually sits on the kitchen counter. He’s a fun guy. This is Felipe from the front:

As you can see he has a fire in his belly.
He does have a bit of a temper.

This is a side view of Felipe.
He has very small feet and he finds it hard
to buy just the right raku shoes.

Felipe feels this is his best side as you can’t
see his tiny feet or his pot belly. He’s a bit
vain but his heart is in the right place.

Felipe wonders if my readers will question why he is named Felipe. He explains that Felipe is just a nickname and he was indeed christened something else at firing but he hated that name so he has chosen to call himself Felipe.

I respect his choice.


  1. 1. Kelly, Felipe would love to model. He’s very smitten with his own looks.

    2. Anthony, see I wasn’t kidding…

  2. Christine, are you waiting for your readers to point out Felipe’s most striking attribute?
    … the reason he is Felipe and not Felipa…

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