My cousin S. is now a (quite amusing and sharp) grown-up. This probably happened a few years ago (she’s in her early twenties) but I don’t see her that much — only at major family functions — so I only really noticed this past week at another cousin’s wedding. (Yes, my various cousins are getting married all the time).

S. was curious about what I do for fun (since I seem pretty square, I guess) and I mentioned my bookclub. I was serious — I think my bookclub is fun. S. thought I was kidding … or that I picked something boring on purpose to keep my fun hobbies to myself. (That S., she’s sharp).

“Ohhhh, so do you talk about turning points and climaxes and stuff …. that sounds so exciting, Christine. Can I join?”

I guess you had to be there — she said this in a such a wry way … and I was on the edge of my banquet hall seat waiting for her to ask if I knit too.

I don’t — but would have told her I did just to complete the image.

[No talent update: For those who follow my blog with interest, my flyer turned out quite nice. I’m rather proud of myself but I won’t be quitting any time soon to take up graphic design.]


  1. Not really or not always anyway. Some fun things are also interesting – museums for example. Some things are not that interesting per se – but these can be the most fun of all.

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