Grit and leather

“Brand new leather soled footwear should never be worn in wet weather conditions, It is important to wear them on a dry day to allow a build up of grit on the soles, doing this will help protect the leather and extend the life of the footwear.”


Ahem, I don’t want any grit on my new leather soled footwear. Grit is something I remove from my footwear — not something I allow to build up for a greater purpose!

So today I went to my local chain-store cobbler to install (apply? affix?) rubber soles to my new favorite boots. The soles were getting too gritty and damaged for my liking. (Leather on the bottom of a boot is perhaps not a good choice for items that see the outdoors.)

Total cost: $25.

Biker Babe Boots | Kenneth Cole

I dunno, this seems a bit much to me. Why is it that the more expensive the boot or shoe, the less durable they seem to be? It’s like the alteration conspiracy all over again.


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