I’m a size 6 — in shoes.

Today I went shopping for some dressy shoes (guaranteed to torture my feet) for an upcoming wedding. I have lots of dressy winter footwear but all my summer stuff is casual, so off I went to Winners to find something pointy.

Pointy is in this year and I won’t be walking to the wedding so I’m going to risk it.

I love shoes. Did I mention I’m a size six? I never have to worry about not finding my size or if they will make my ass look huge.

I ended up buying two pairs of shoes.

These are my new dress shoes:

Two Lips Marcie Shoe

And these are my new favourite shoes:
Gola Trainers of delight


  1. Thank you for the colourful illustrations.
    I am more likely to read your post if there is a picture.
    Something to keep in mind.
    Your most loyal reader.

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