my new kitchen

For someone who doesn’t cook, I think a lot about kitchens.

I doubt I will ever have a Bulthaup or Poggenpohl kitchen.

In fact, if I don’t get my ass in action, I may not even escape the laminate flooring stage of my arrested decor development. But I want a new kitchen.

The depth of my desire for a new kitchen actually scares me.

I want something so sleek and sexy that I would regularly host glamorous fondue parties.

Something so special that I’d throw out all my Ajax and purchase lavish cleaning products. (Okay, maybe not, Ajax is the best! But I’d be very very careful not to scratch.)

If Bulthaup is a fantasy, Scavolini may well be a lucid dream.

I love the cream and brown:

Scavolini kitchen

The wood is also very appealing:

Scavolini Woody Kitchen

Exciting! But I have high blood pressure as it is:

Scavolini red kitchen

Kitchen envy is not attractive and I am going to stop and think about what’s missing in my life.

Nothing’s missing. I feel fine. A bit feverish but fine.


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