pass the converter…err…the remote

I don’t watch television, I think it destroys the art of talking about oneself.
Stephen Fry

I love television.

I had a friend years ago who did not watch TV. He didn’t own one and this made him very happy. He read books and listened to music. A nice guy. Very smart. Well-read. Funny too.

But no televison. He though the rest of us just didn’t get it. Oh, I got it but I didn’t care. I just love television.

I love plenty of things that are not good for me. It keeps things interesting. Television is hardly one of my major vices.

Quite often, I look forward to a good TV night. And tonight was a very very good TV night.

I still can’t believe this is the last season for Six Feet Under. I am sad but I am pretty sure I’ll find something else to watch. I always do.

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