defeat and the feet

Right now it is 30°C — at 10 pm — but it feels like 43°C.

Tomorrow, we’re only looking at a high of 31°C. Whoopie! That’s hot but after today it’ll feel like late October. Sweater weather — my favourite.

On another note, my body is trying to make me do bad things. Now usually I give in to corporeal signals rather easily but in this case it’s withdrawal. My cells want nicotine. Want it bad. My brain says no but it wants it bad too. The only things that are in control are my feet. They won’t walk to the store in this heat.

They want to stay home and rest up.

BTW — does anyone know how to knit? I’m serious. 


  1. Keep up the good work. I can show you the basics of knitting. I can’t teach you to make a sweater but a scarf, yes.

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