%^$&$@** and !^$@#~

So far so good…


  • I’m crabby. (very…)
  • This is hard. (not impossible…)
  • My muscles feel strange and I have an odd headache. (wasn’t jogging or anything…)
  • I did a fair bit of cursing today — much more than usual. (%^$&@*…)
  • I’m happy and proud of myself. (it’s a very addictive drug and my body is screaming at me at alarming intervals…)

I’m sorry if I was short with you today. All of you.

I have nothing amusing to share. I hope that comes back. (We all know who’s the most fun at party…)

BTW — It’s gonna be 35°C here tomorrow. I predict I will continue to be short and it won’t just be the lack of you-know-whats.


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