“improving very well for someone my age…”


Some people feel as though they can’t sit still and that they need to move about or do something with their hands. Use this restlessness in a positive way by doing some physical activity that you enjoy. As your body is removing nicotine it is able to absorb more caffeine.

It may be helpful to reduce your intake of tea, coffee and cola drinks by half. Read the labels on chocolate bars and energy drinks as some of these items also contain caffeine. An increase in caffeine levels may add to your feelings of restlessness or insomnia.

(Ding!! Ding!!)
K. and K.’s Mom, A. were so right. They both said go easy on the coffee … but I love coffee and think I’ve actually been drinking more this week. I know — for certain — that I’ve been eating more.

On a happier note, I went shopping today after my vision therapy — yes, I do go in person in addition to my daily work in the computer. My vision is getting better … apparently it is “improving very well for someone my age…” Umm hmmm.

Right next door to the doctor’s office is a funky little store with a lot of clothes made in China. Fun things in primary colours (not my taste), glittery and sparkily things (my taste but common sense prevailed — I’d buy but never wear said glittery/sparkily items if past behaviour is any indication of future behaviour) and very dark indigo jeans that made my bum look pretty good (success!). So, I came home with some new jeans — a pair just one size bigger than my True Religion goal jeans.

I also purchased a Harvey’s hambuger with cheese and ate it in about one bite. I never do this … and if I keep doing it there will be no more new jeans.

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