Coughing out some thanks…

So here I am sipping my ginger, honey and lemon tea. It beats the rather pungent garlic and cayenne pepper concoction I also drink when I have a virus. There’s also been zinc, Vitamin C, oil of oregano, codeine cough syrup, regular cough syrup, Vicks VapoRub (my personal favourite), echinacea and Cold-FX.

Oh yeah, it’s been pretty much non-stop OTC and home remedies for the last 3 weeks.

I’m still not feeling all that terrific. The the cold from hell — or maybe it was the flu — is mostly gone, except I still feel weak and I am still coughing…and coughing.

And damn it if I am not sick and tired of it. I have been neglecting some of my responsibilities and moping around for what seems like forever. And heaven help me, I still have to buy one Christmas present on my list. Two are in my closet, but have yet to be wrapped up. This is not like me, but I am just so tired.

I need to remind myself that it’s just a cold.  A pain in the ass terrible cold for sure, but it’s not the pits of a fiery hell. And even as I sneeze and cough my way through my days and nights, I realize that I am damn lucky.

Damn lucky to have love in my life. Damn lucky to have great friends. Damn lucky to have my health. So damn lucky in so many ways.

I am so very lucky — even if I do seem more crabby than usual…sorry about that.

I am truly grateful and I am going try to remember that the next time I can’t get the Vicks out of my sheets.

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