Ahem, we exist and need suits, too.

So there’s a pretty big wedding coming up – one of my dearest cousins is getting married to a great guy. The wedding should be a lot of fun and I might even be convinced — if I get tipsy — to do an oro. So I should be excited. And how I love a good Pig Dance! (Note this is not my family, we tend to dance with the pig in a much more animated fashion).

Well, I am excited — but I have nothing to wear. After a good month of shopping, I think I will have to resort to my standby suit. I don’t like this suit…look how unhappy I look in it!

Really, it’s not me. Plus pantyhose. Ugh. And that blouse makes me unhappy, not to mention the (yes, shiny) shoes pinch. Just thinking about wearing this fills me with dread.

Here is just one example of my fruitless search for an outfit that I actually might enjoy wearing.

After much looking, I found  this suit  and thought it would work very well. Plus, I could wear it with my blue shoes of happiness!

And look, it comes in my size! Hm, this is regular — I am not tall and this would probably be too long in the length and the sleeves. But look, they carry petites, too!

(Clicking to a new page with delight and anticipation...)

….and f*ck….it only goes to 14.

I am not really a plus size, but I have — ahem — some trouble with finding nice jackets that fit around my well — upper section

I can’t give up. I want to look nice for this wedding. I still have a few months…but I am not optimistic. Not at all.

Any suggestions? I also saw this and it might fit, but it looks a bit too short for me.


  1. oh, chicken. i feel your pain. but it’s not too too hard – you get the 16 and then you get it altered. way better to work with something bigger than squeeze into smaller. you could even do it all in the eaton centre, since there’s an alteration service in sears (tucked into the men’s suits section) that i use all the time.

    hopefully banana republic is the same as its family member, the gap, and sizes “generously”, too – so you don’t have to go the +sized route.

  2. I am not a suit-wearer, but I know people who swear by the suits at Jacob, and Jacob is never as pricey as BR. I definitely vote for something that allows you to wear the blue shoes of happiness.

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