Carm and the girls

Okay, so I’m back from New York. I went with 3 friends: A, E and J. J, however has requested I refer to her as Carm in this posting — I think this is in honour of the Sopranos as we flew into Newark Liberty International Airport.

My companions suggested I post all of our activities so that others can get ideas about planning a trip to New York. I strongly suspect that I don’t get many travel research hits but what the hell.


  • Carm and I flew out of the Toronto Island Airport on Porter Airlines. Porter is very civilized and the entire check in process was swift and painless. Even the wait was pleasant as Porter provides free coffee and snacks. A variety store (for magazines and a wider variety of snacks) would’ve been a nice addition but I don’t the airport gets enough traffic to make it viable.
  • The plane was small — a Q400 turboprop — but quite comfortable as there were only two seats per row instead of the usual three per row, which is a recipe for discomfort.

    Q400 turboprop

The plan ride was a bit more bumpy than I expected. Just after we began our descent, Carm started to feel nauseated. I think it was because we were playing hangman. (Incidentally, I lost very badly). I offered to give Carm the window seat so she could look at the horizon. (I’m a very thoughtful friend). That helped a little but I then began to feel like I needed some Gravol myself. I steeled myself until we landed in Newark.

There was long wait to get through customs (that happens in New Jersey on Porter flights) but the other members of out travel posse (who arrived quite early in the morning) said they breezed through quickly as the airport was empty.

We were not sure about the best way to get from the airport to New York. Usually we take a cab (when we land at LaGuardia Airport) but we thought we might take the AirTrain-Amtrak service.

Not the best choice. One can travel from from Newark to Penn Station in about 30 minutes but Penn station at the height of rush hour (when we arrived) is no picnic. The line-up for cabs was very long so we decided to walk to our hotel at Lexington and 51st — this took us over an hour. A long, sweaty and unpleasant hour.

Perhaps a better choice (the one A and E opted for) might have been the Newark Liberty Airport Express coach.

So anyway, Carm and I got to our hotel, flopped on our beds and promptly fell asleep…

Nope — we both needed a nap — but we grabbed a snack and got ready to go see a play. We were in New York! We were going out!

We saw Good Boys and True at the Second Stage Theatre — an “Off-Broadway institution dedicated to developing plays, artists and audiences.” I always research what’s playing there when I go to New York.

Second Stage Theatre

Second Stage Theater

After the play we walked back to the hotel and checked in with A and E by telephone. They thought we were in the room adjoining theirs (as I had requested) and had knocked a few times to see if we had arrived yet. We were actually one floor above them as the hotel was not able to fulfill my special request. They stopped knocking on the door (much to the relief of the Finnish tourists I imagined were in there) and we made plans to meet up the next day for breakfast.

Then Carm and I went to sleep…