My attempt at travel writing…

Okay so a bit more about New York.

Every year we like to go to a nice restaurant for our big dinner out on the Saturday. Last year we went to Bellavitae. I loved the food there. This year we went to Perilla and the food was also very good. The chef, Harold Dieterle is a Top Chef winner.

I’m usually the one who suggests the restaurant. I scour the internet and talk to friends to get ideas. Usually I book several weeks in advance but this time I didn’t try to make reservations until about 10 days beforehand. I don’t advise this…we had to dine at 5:45 pm. That’s early! Thank goodness Perilla had that time — the other 5 places I contacted had nothing at all. So that was lucky and we had a wonderful meal.

We also had a fantastic lunch in the Meat Packing District (MPD) at Los Dados. There was also a terrific unplanned brunch at the Rocking Horse Cafe. What’s interesting is that the chef at Los Dados was previously the chef at the Rocking Horse Cafe — I just discovered this researching this post.

The entire group sees one play during our trip — this year it was Boeing-Boeing. I’m very fond of plays as is J, so we tend to squeeze another in. This year we saw Good Boys and True as well. We also went to a dance thing at the Joyce Theater. We saw a performance by Momix, a company of dancer-illusionists under the direction of Moses Pendleton.

We spend an interesting afternoon in the MPD but I could not fully enjoy it as I hurt my knee earlier that morning in DSW. Just how I did this is rather unclear (there was no specific incident —a tripping accident or a fall — that I can point to) but I think it had to do with stomping around for hours and hours on concrete in a shoe lacking support (but not style). I did manage to get a tensor bandage at CVS and I wrapped in around my sore knee later that afternoon in a bathroom at the Guggenheim.

Museums Visited:

  • the Guggenheim
  • the Metropolitan Museum of Art (with a special visit to the Roof Garden)
  • and the New Museum

Okay, so that’s not all we did but those are the highlights. And yes, this is probably my most boring post ever. New York was fun — trying to write about it; not so much.

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