But what about my stuff?

I collect things. Kitschy things I have no use for. Silly things. Funny things.

Lots and lots of things.

And I like to display my things. A recent obsession is vintage 50s ashtrays. I have dozens. A while ago it was cameras.

But I yearn for something else. A simple place with nothing to dust. Clean lines. Crisp forms. Clutter-free joy.

[Okay, I realize that I have used the words ‘obsession’ and ‘yearn’ already and I’m not even 100 words in.]

I have become very interested in modernist architecture. Dwellings like this now thrill me.

How I wish I could live in a place like this. The insides look so appealing and spare. Soothing almost.

I want this.

I fantasize [oops!] about my next home. I want to de-clutter my life.

How much are storage lockers going for these days?

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