Young people

I work near (not with) young people. I see them (and their fashions) everyday and it can be very disconcerting. But thinking back, was I so styling in my high-waisted and tighed-legged pants?

I saw someone wearing leg warmers and high heels today. I did that. I had those.

Eighties fashion is back and the young people are all ironic in their Flashdance wear. I just am happy I don’t have ‘Mom’ jeans in my closet. And not so happy that I can remember seeing Flashdance in the theatre.


  1. Nothing indeed — in isolation and provided one has a long waist. It is the combination of high-waisted and tight-legged on someone as short as I am that is the issue. High-waisted and tighed-legged + short stuff = smurfperson.

  2. Whew!! Thought for a minute I’d have to replace mine — along with my U of T leather bomber and Pumas.

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