Blog has a new focus

What should I write about today?

I was thinking I could start writing about what I have for dinner. And you know, like about food in general.

For example, today I had a garlic cucumber salad (yes, again) and homemade guacamole a bit later for a snack.

This weekend, I am thinking about making some potato leek soup and freezing it. I like soups and want learn some more recipes — perhaps a nice gazpacho. I like gazpacho.

I eat very little meat these days and I don’t miss it that much. If I had to give up fish though, I’d be sad. Next week I’ll put fish tacos on the meal plan….that dinner was a hit.

On second thought, if I write about food I will have 3 fewer readers — which will bring me to none.


  1. I am totally reading and loving your blog, lady! Soup rules. I used to eat it every day for lunch before the child/tyrant became the boss of me.

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