I am a teenager

I used to think twitter was for the fresh and unwrinkled until I learned some stats. The young — those under 25 or so — don’t tweet much at all.

In June 2009, only 16 percent of Twitter.com website users were under the age of 25. Bear in mind persons under 25 make up nearly one quarter of the active US Internet universe, which means that Twitter.com effectively under-indexes on the youth market by 36 percent.

Now I think the teens are on to something, I think twitter is just dumb. But what do I know, I was all about the Sony Betamax back in the day.

Teens apparently don’t don’t blog either.

So what the hell are they doing?

I recently talked to some young people about their web habits and they were all about Facebook, YouTube and their email.

If it weren’t for this blog I’d be a teenager with a mortgage and acid reflux.

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