A bulletproof bullsh*t detector…

I used to own this book: If…(Questions for the Game of Life..

In an elegant, two-color format, punctuated with intriguing drawings, If . . . poses hundreds of questions ranging from practical to maddening, moral to hilarious–which, if read alone, inspire self-exploration; if shared, spark fascinating discussions at gatherings, dinner parties, or meetings.

Some people found the questions posed in the book fun at my dinner parties. Others just wished we could talk about something — anything — else!

Here are a few questions and answers just for fun…

Q: Would you accept 20 years of extraordinary happiness and fulfillment if it meant you would die at the end of the period?
A: Maybe, if I was 55-60ish. At this point, no. I pretty happy as it is.

Q: When is the last time you stole anything?
A: I have never stolen anything. Not even childhood shoplifting.

Q: When you are given a compliment do you usually acknowledge it or suggest that you really do not deserve it?
A: I’m pretty sure I thank the person. I don’t suggest I don’t deserve it unless it’s an especially obsequious remark, like you are the most beautiful creature I’ve ever seen or you have the the most lovely singing voice.

Q: What’s the biggest lie you’ve ever told?
A: No. But I won’t tell you what it was in response to.

Q: If you could have any one specific power over people, what would it be?
A: A bulletproof bullsh*t detector.

Q: If you could have a year in any place in the word – all expenses paid – where would you go?
A: New York City.

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