It’s all good. And I think it’s gonna get even better

Today at work I agreed with two opposing thoughts:

  1. Your twenties are the best times of your life. Enjoy them — they go by fast. (They do. Oh, they do.)
  2. The best time of your life is now. The past is over and if you think it’s all downhill from here — well, it will be. But it’s not. Enjoy what you have now.

No, I am not typically indecisive…at least I don’t think so.

Yeah, my twenties sure were fun. I won’t elaborate here. But trust me, I had fun. Once I woke up in a ravine with about six of my friends. The fire went out and we fell asleep…Oh wait, that was in my teens. (I am kidding, it was someone’s backyard — I think. I forget now.)

But yeah, the best is now and yet to come. I still like to have fun — maybe not go to a club to hear your friend’s band, then go to an after hours club and finally end up at Fran’s for breakfast kinda fun — but mid-forties kinda fun.

Mid-forties fun is traveling to cool cities without having to sleep 4 — or even six one time — to a room. It’s dining out — fancy food or burgers both are good — but not hanging out at the food court or Kelsey’s. It’s being comfortable in your own skin and enjoying your friends and not having to deal with mean girls. It’s (if you’re into that kinda thing) romance and candlelight dinners without worrying about your hair or if you look fat in your new jeans….oh wait, that doesn’t actually stop. It’s about choosing to be happy with what you’ve been handed. It’s also about not accepting the junk that can get handed to you — yours or other people’s.

It’s all good. And I think it’s gonna get even better.

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