Still thinking about the wedding

So, I’m still thinking about the wedding. I forgot to mention that it wasn’t an all-Macedonian wedding. One of the matrimonial participants was Portuguese.

The Portuguese can dance. It was so peppy— all fast and spinning … I have no idea what that type of dancing is called. Salsa? Latin? Whatever it was — it looked super fun. I wish I could do that.

I’ve read that the ancient custom of passing around the bride’s shoe during the reception and stuffing it with money to help the young couple with their honeymoon and to help them start their new life together is still very much alive. But I did not see this shoe-business. I mean, we still do the pig dance thing. I would’ve enjoyed the shoe stuff.

The food was also Portuguese, which is fantastic. I especially enjoyed the midnight seafood buffet. And such a nice wine with dinner. Very light and summery.

The only hard part about the wedding was the long day. It started in the mid-afternoon and I was not tucked into bed until nearly 1:30 am. That’s longer than I spend at work. I was exhausted by the end of it.

Anyway, enough about weddings. The season is almost over and I won’t be going to any more for at least a year. Which means I better start thinking about appropriate wedding attire. I better get myself a cute little outfit and some sparkly shoes. If I start now, I may be able to squeeze into something really tiny and chic.


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  2. They did the shoe thing at mine. Only I was wearing sandals so they had to put it on a plate.

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