dancing people

So, how was the wedding, Christine?

Well, I looked fine in my suit. The shoes looked great and the wedding was very nice.

Were there Macedonian folk dances? Oh, you bet.

Did I dance? Nope.

I only know one traditional dance — the step-kick-step-step-step-step-kick-again dance. And I can’t even get that one right. I kick the wrong way or I mess up the number of steps. I have no Macedonian rhythm. (Note: I am actually quite good at freestyle 80s dancing should the occasion ever arise.)

dancing in the village

An early rendition of the step-kick-step-step-step-step-kick-again dance. Mind you, they look a bit out of sync…

So, I did not dance. I hope that my relatives were not too dismayed. They probably have no idea I don’t know how and think I am a stick in the Macedonian mud.

I did enjoy the pig dance however. No wedding is complete without it.

Opa! … oh sorry, I think that’s Greek.

Gotta spie now. Night night.


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