a million bucks I don’t have

A nice new house downtown? A million bucks I don’t have.

A few days ago I had lunch with two friends in the Beach. Part of the afternoon involved walking around and looking at houses. (The other part involved ice cream and shopping…overall, a very fine day.)

I could live there (it’s delightful) but I won’t anytime soon. My taste runs a bit more modern but there is also the matter of the mortgage. Plus there’s the fact that houses are a lot of work to maintain (been there, hated that).

There are house people and there are the other folks. I am an other but yet I dream and cry a little when I think about shrubs.

I dream of a funky modern house in the downtown core. And I wonder, could the answer be a laneway house?

There seems to be a movement…

JAX Property Developments Inc.

JAX Property Developments Inc. is a growing company specializing in infill housing and custom homes. We are continually striving to offer value to our clients through exceptional design, planning and construction practices.

Super exciting stuff but they don’t seem to have any pictures of completed projects. All the images on the site seem to be renderings. But I know there are a few in my city, I’ve seen them.

There is a growing number of professionals and citizens who believe in the efficiency and urban pragmatism of building on underutilized and forgotten laneways in Toronto’s downtown neighbourhoods. As an alternative to the old housing stock or condominiums, the creation of laneway housing within Toronto’s downtown is the next logical step in building a safe, efficient and vibrant city.

Please can I be one of these professionals and citizens (can I even dream to be both!) who believes in laneway housing.

I can live in an alley. I can! I will. Please, I need more closet space.

I want this very badly. I am willing to stick to a budget.


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