the green monsters

My first couch was a hunter green with a dreadful Aztec pattern. These were wildly popular in the mid-90s. I have no idea why I liked it. The rest of my decor back then was country-cozy. Lots of pine. I know, just shoot me.

My Mother always called them chesterfields, when did that expression go out of style? But that green thing had no style and could not have been called anything but a couch or sofa. Chesterfields have substance. The green thing had terrible foam and no springs to speak of.

That green thing had a special friend, too. A matching loveseat. No ottoman however, thank goodness.

Sometimes, I look back and wonder what was I thinking. I guess I just wasn’t.

It’s funny, my Mother had great taste. Mind you, it wasn’t my taste. She was into the suburban lady from Europe look. (I am happy to report that we didn’t have plastic on the furniture like some of my relatives did.) But it was excellent quality; solid woods and fine upholstery. You saved for nice things and you did not put your feet on the coffee table when she was looking. The crystal was polished and the Lladró items were always dusted. I learned a lot from her about keeping a nice home and collecting things you love. (I also learned that cleaning was a religion and that is a burden to this day.)

But it went all out the window when I slapped down my cash to buy the green things.

What’s crazy is that my friends all liked them and some even went out and bought their own Aztec monstrosities.

Things are better now that I have my white chair. My taste now is decidedly modern and I have a special weakness for mid-century pieces.

Something went terribly wrong in the 70s and 80s.

Look at this Frigidaire Kitchen of the Future and note how much it looks like a modern kitchen.

Indeed there were some dark ages. The 80s were all about too much fabric – everything was poufy. Things are now back to cleaner lines.

My white chair would feel very at home in this office.

Ok, some of the styles were over the top. But give me a Nelson bench and floor cushions! Or the furniture and lamp in this room. Just ignore the flooring!

Yeah, things are better now but I do have some pine stuff in storage. A girl can dream about a cottage after all. No sense it buying new stuff right away.

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