there ain’t no flies on us

Did I mention I work in PR?

Not this kind. I’m not even sure what this is about. Apparently it’s a ” togh case.”

Sometimes I wonder what I’d do if I wasn’t doing what I am doing. I often joke with my friends down the hall in HR that I’d like to come and join them. They seem amused.

I’ve only had one other job. And that wasn’t a job job. Well, it was work but it was during the summers.

I was a career camp counsellor. I never worked in fast food or retail or in an office when I was a student. Just camp. Yes, it’s true I don’t enjoy camping but it was a city day camp. No tents. No bugs. No hike to pee.

I started off at a camp that involved campfires but that was a brief flirtation of only two summers. But it may surprise my reader that one year I won the campfire contest. Yes, my team got a fire going first using only one match. (It’s all about the pyramid.) Shocking, considering I don’t turn on the stove now. I’m still handy with a match, however.

So, while I don’t enjoy camping, isn’t it a comfort to know that if we ever suffer a nuclear apocalypse I can keep us warm and dry. Plus, I know what berries and twigs to eat.

I did this camp business all through high school and university. That was about seven years. During the school year, my part-time job was working at a Saturday morning sports club. I’m not (not!) a gifted athlete but I do know all the rules for many indoor and some outdoor sports. I really enjoyed that job. I especially enjoyed making up new rules for the games. (A goal doesn’t count unless a girl makes the assist or both the twins need to touch the ball before a goal counts.) It was about the kids, really. I enjoy (other people’s) children. They’re fun and they’re often funny. And at the end of the day they go to someone else’s home.

Where is all this going anyway? Ok, I am heading towards what I might have become. A professional dodgeball player perhaps? Or a teacher?

Of course, this is all just silly talk now. I don’t think I would have enjoyed it as much as I like what I do now.

But it’s funny that I spent all those years at camp. I know more camp songs, cheers and yells than the average gal. But what the heck, no one’s saying you can’t have a good old singsong during coffee break or a cheer on the streetcar.

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